Choosing a Sport

Do players really like the gear they are using?

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We all have a sport we'd like to get back into, or one we never tried and are curious about. For all the considerations that are normally put into taking a sport up, one that gets neglected often is the equipment. Could we afford it? How many? Is there anywhere near by that teaches you how to use them? etc.

When considered, it's normally late in the day.  Here are some thoughts to remember when factoring sporting equipment into your decision making:

Equipment expenses - If you aren't a particularly wealthy person, then the cost of the equipment needed to take part in the activity needs to be considered seriously. For example, if you want to play football, you could buy a football and a net for your garden to practise. However this will be costly. Perhaps the football alone?

Public facilities - Perhaps there is a park nearby or a leisure centre that has the equipment you would need to take part in an activity? This would be easier for you, because you don't have to store the equipment at home.

The correct fit - When you take part in an activity, you will very often need specific items to wear as well. Ice skaters need ice skates for example. Football players need shin pads and football boots with studs in the bottom. You need to make sure the equipment you use (rackets, bats included) are the right fit for you.

Safety considerations - For every item needed to play a sport, there will be some form of hazard to be aware of. Hitting another person with a cricket bat by accident, knocking someone with studs on your football boots, hitting someone with the ball. They need to be remembered. If you are scared of balls being pelted in your direction, perhaps tennis isn't the right fit for you?